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Senses & company is a membership based e-commerce for erotic products. 

Cock Ring 101

Cock Ring 101

Cate Choronzey

The Cock Ring: a misunderstood creature!

Put your naysaying to rest and meet your new best friend! Often associated with eccentric fetishisms, the cock ring is an easy and functional tool from which both men and women can benefit! Contrary to popular belief, its principal purpose is not to induce pain, but rather to create the kind of pressure that intensifies orgasms and extends the erection beyond the act. Curious…?

Here are a few pointers so you can enjoy the cock ring in all its glory!

Find the right material

Probably its most distinctive trait! Most cock rings are now made from medical grade materials that are easy and safe to use. While the rigidity of some models can induce different levels of pain (pleasurable for some), most are now made from silicone or TPE, a jelly like material. Their flexible nature makes them ideal for beginners and seasoned pros alike,, as they can be removed, or put on, even with an erection!

Find the right size and shape

When it comes to cock rings, size is not directly related to the girth of the user’s sexual organ, but rather to the degree of pressure desired. For beginners, it is recommended to start with a larger model and decrease the size thereafter. The thickness of the band also plays an important role, so keep in mind that the thicker the cock ring, the greater the pressure.


Standard circular cock rings can be worn in 3 different ways. Play around and discover which one suits you best!

Around the shaft of the penis:

Probably the most popular position, it allows the blood flow to increase the size of the penis, slightly numbing it and keeping it erected after ejaculation.

Around the scrotum:

While most men enjoy the stretching sensation it procures, it also keeps the testicles from lifting up, making it harder to reach the point of no return. Thus, you will delay and intensify your orgasms. It will also prevent the scrotum from getting smothered by your partner’s thighs.  

Around the shaft of the penis and the scrotum:The best of both worlds! But since everything comes at a price, you will somewhat reduce the advantages of each position, although benefit from a more complete experience.

*One more reason why we love cock rings made from silicone: their flexible nature makes them perfect for experimenting with various positions without having to buy more than one product.

 Lube, lube, lube!

Like many other erotic products, lubricant makes for a more comfortable cock ring experience when you apply it around the shaft of the penis, the testicles or both. It will also allow for a more natural sensation during intercourse.

Don’t forget your partner!

Think the cock ring is only made to be enjoyed by the person wearing it? Think again! Luckily, there are numerous cock rings on the market made to enhance the experience for both partners. And the good news is, you don’t necessarily have to spend big bucks to revel in the pleasure.

Texturized cock rings are a simple and cost-effective way to share the love! Their shapes are especially made to stimulate the vaginal or anal entrance. And if you and your partner are looking for stronger sensations, the vibrating option is a must!  



Adore U Hom cock ring (texturized or not) - From $5.95-$9.95 (depending on the model)

Made from a high-quality, elastic polymer, this cock ring is durable, easy to use and clean, and can be effortlessly taken off its position if it becomes too uncomfortable, even with an erection. It comes in various sizes, shapes and textures.

System Jo Lubricants - From &12.99 to 59.99 (depending on size and formula)

Made from high-quality ingredients, these lubricants are long-lasting, never sticky and compatible with all toys and latex! What’s more, they come in a wide range of formulas, from water-based to warming. Available in various formats, allowing you to easily experiment with different sensations.

Doc Johnson Optimale Vibrating Cock Ring -  $39.99

One of the most versatile products of its kind available on the market. Its texturized silicone rings and sleeve, and its removable 10-speed vibrating bullet, allow you to use it in vibration mode or not, without diminishing your partner’s sensation ! 

Light 4 Me Baby Vibrating Cock Ring - $89.95

With its seven different stimulations, this rechargeable cock ring is made from quality silicone and fits comfortably on every man. It also has a LED lighting system, which provides a unique ambiance, and can be used under water. But most importantly, it can increase an orgasm by up to 40 seconds!

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